The 57 items listed below were written by members of MILINET, posted to the MILINET list, and are here presented chronologically according to their MILINET posting date. Many of them were also posted by other INTERNET entities and appeared in hard-copy publications. 

Being Called "Marine," Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 10 NOV 96 --CLICK

“Blood Pinning,” Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 7 APR 97--CLICK

Intelligence & Exercise HUNTER WARRIOR, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 22 APR 97--CLICK

The Strains Of Accepting Women In The Armed Forces, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 03 JUN 97--CLICK

Marine Intelligence Drivers, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 13 SEP 97--CLICK

"Not Like Yesterday," Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 28 OCT 97--CLICK

Why People Spy, Dr NS Hibler, 16 DEC 97--CLICK 

The Perfect Escape At Pickel Meadow, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 2 FEB 98--CLICK

A G-2's Lament, "TM," 20 JUL 19xx--CLICK

A Rainy Day At The Defense Intelligence College, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 29 NOV 98--CLICK

"True Leaders" vs. Marines, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 21 DEC 98--CLICK

Civilian Marines? Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 5 JUL 99--CLICK

The Flight Of LCpl Foote, USMC, Maj R Hardin, USMCR12 JUL 99--CLICK

"8 Rounds Cost 48¢," Maj R Farmer, USMC(Ret),1 NOV 99--CLICK

"Call In The Marines," MSgt T Tang, USMC(Ret), 6 DEC 99--CLICK

Trained Linguists? MSgt Al Loreth, USMC(Ret), 27 DEC 99--CLICK

"Gunny Bowers," SSGT C Queen, USMC (HD), 3 JAN 00--CLICK

Experience Trumps A College Degree, Capt N Dolan, USMC(Ret), 24 JAN 00--CLICK

The Unflappable Staff NCO, Maj P Gold, USMCR(HRet), 31 JAN 00--CLICK

Brasso? Sgt A Snell, USMC(HD), 20 MAR 00--CLICK

"Grenade!" Capt N Dolan, USMC(Ret), 3 APR 00--CLICK

"Nuts, Noses, & Knees," Maj P Gold, USMCR(HRet), 10 APR 00--CLICK

"Outstanding Inspection," MGySgt "GT" Sunde, USMC(Ret), 24 APR 00--CLICK

MB, Midway Island, Capt N Dolan, USMC(Ret), 15 MAY 00--CLICK

The Making Of A Marine NCO, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 6 JUN 00--CLICK

"The Show Must Go On!" Maj C Mulholland, USMC(Ret), 12 JUN 00--CLICK

America's Armed Forces, MajGen SD Butler, USMC(Ret), 21 JUN 00---CLICK


Drill Instructor Ingenuity, Maj PC Roe, USMC(Ret), 21 Aug 00--CLICK

"Laugh In Our Own Paygrade," MGySgt RA Stewart, USMC(Ret), 2 OCT 00--CLICK

Middle Camp Fuji Brig, MSgt A Loreth, USMC(Ret), 16 OCT 00--CLICK

ROK Marine Justice, Col R Haddix, USMC(Ret), 23 OCT 00--CLICK

Promises And Promise-Makers, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 23 OCT 00--CLICK

Brass Pickers, LtCol B Murray, USMC(Ret), 30 OCT 00--CLICK

"Corky," Maj R Farmer, USMC(Ret), 13 NOV 00--CLICK

The Little Girl In The Purple Paisley Dress, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 20 NOV 00--CLICK

Marines Obey The Law, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 30 MAY 01--CLICK

Intelligence Marines Deserved Better Treatment, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 19 APR 01--CLICK

The Issue Is Not Leakers, But Leadership By Fear, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 5 JUN 01--CLICK

Pornography & Aerodynamics, 
LtGen BE Trainor, USMC(Ret), 13 JUN 01--CLICK

Marine Martial Art: "You'll Bow to No One," Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 7 AUG 01--CLICK

The Saga Of LCpl David V. Nuño, USMC, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret)13 APR 02--CLICK

The Last "Big Lie" Of Vietnam Kills US Soldiers In Iraq, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 24 AUG 04--CLICK

The Use Of "Torture" In Interrogation, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 21 MAY 05--CLICK

Taps For Col John E Rothrock, Jr, USAF, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 5 DEC 05--CLICK

Pro Pay & Sgt Henry Vozka, USMC,  Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 20 MAR 07--CLICK

The Day It Became The Longest War, LtGen CG Cooper, USMC(Ret), 2007--CLICK

The 1st Marine Captured in Vietnam: A Questionable Book Title, A MILINET Discussion, 22 OCT 07--CLICK

Who Are These Women Who Denigrate Gov. Palin? Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 31 OCT 08--CLICK

Portrait of MARINE!, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 2 JUN 09--CLICK

Marines of Conscience or Homosexual Marines, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 18 OCT 09--CLICK

What Happened to Chivalry? Bruce L Jones, 18 AUG 10--CLICK

Amphib Assault Standoff Could Shrink To 12 Nautical Miles, A MILINET Discussion, 14 FEB 11--CLICK

Belonging, Maj AF Milavic, USMC (Ret), 3 May 11--CLICK

USS Liberty (AGTR-5), A MILINET Discussion, 09 SEP 11--CLICK

A "Ski" Story, Maj AF Milavic, USMC(Ret), 22 SEP 11--CLICK

"Welcome Ta Cucumber Flats!" Maj AF Milavic, USMC (Ret), 22 NOV 11--CLICK

French, 1st ITT, SHUFLY, & Decision, 
 Maj AF Milavic, USMC (Ret), 04 JAN 12--CLICK

An Open Appeal For The Chesty Puller Monument,
Maj AF Milavic, USMC (Ret), 11 DEC 12--CLICK

Maj AF Milavic, USMC (Ret), 10 SEP 19--CLICK