6 October 2009

The Butter-Cutter On Protecting Americans

Anthony F. Milavic

Major, United tates Marine Corps (Retired)

The last time, we talked about protecting Afghans; so, I guess it follows that we should now talk about protecting Americans, “Curiously, I recently read that the Administration is going to cut the number of Border Patrol Agents on the US-Mexico border by 385 and send 'several hundred' of them to our border with Canada,” I said on getting The Butter-Cutter's attention on the virtual Chow Line. (1) (2)

“Wait a freakin' minute. Last April, we talked about your Administration INCREASING the Border Guards along that border ta stop drug money 'n' guns goin' inta Mexico. What happened ta that shit?. he asked. (3)

“I have no explanation,” I answered with reluctance 

“OK! OK! Then, why they now movin' them guys north?” he asked. “Cuz there ain't no more Black Hat Bad Guys comin' through the Mexican border?” 

“No, not at all. Only 697 miles of our border with Mexico is considered to be under 'effective control'; that is to say, when the Border Patrol detects an illegal border crosser trying to enter the U.S. in that area, they can be expected to apprehend that person. Unfortunately, that leaves almost 1,300 miles of our Mexican border that is not under 'effective control,' ” I explained. (2) 

“Wait a freakin' minute! What's happenin' along that almost 1,300 miles o' border that ain't under 'effective control'?” he asked.

“According to the article I previously mentioned, it is, to say the least, porous. Early this year, the Justice Department's National Drug Intelligence Center said that the border 'was “easily breached” on both foot and in vehicles.' Additionally, 'Arizona's border was judged to be open not only to drug smugglers but also aliens with “extensive criminal records” and from “special interest countries,” which are defined as “countries that could export individuals who could bring harm to the United States through terrorism.” ' The situation with Arizona was only one of several highlighted border-states in the report,” I said. (2)

“Lemme get this straight: The Border Patrol is cuttin' 395 agents from a border that the Justice Department's sayin' is 'open' ta Bad Guys like drug dealers, criminals, 'n' terrorists. OK, then, what's the big problem on the Canada border that's makin' 'em move a bunch o' them Agents from the south ta the north?” The Butter-Cutter asked.

“Well . . . the article neither gave examples of the porosity of our border with Canada nor the rationale for moving the Agents,” I answered. (2)

“Look! I ain't the smartest mother f***er ta come outta the Marine factory at Parris Island, but I ain't the dumbest either. There's Bad Guys comin' through the southern border 'n' no Bad Guys comin' through the northern border. So, we're gonna send Guards from the south ta the north. Man, that shit don't compute!” The Butter-Cutter said with a frown on his face.

“Well, I find it difficult to understand as well; but if there is an increased threat through our northern border, the Administration has not made that information available to . . .”

“WHAAA?” The Butter-Cutter moaned on cutting me off. “This Administration got a president that suffers from 'sweet-talk' diarrhea; why can't he work in some 'sour-talk' on how's movin' them Border Guards north's gonna protect Americans better than leavin' 'em in the south?”

I was becoming somewhat irritated in being repeatedly asked to answer the same question, “Absent a media report, I have no rational explanation to pass on,” I said. 

“So, yer gonna give me a ration o' shit instead. Then, I'll give YOU an explanation. Numero Uno: The number o' Black Hats comin' through the northern border's gone UP 'n' that's why them Administration Spear-Chuckers have chucked more Guards inta that area.  Numero Deuce: They don't wanna tell us why they're doin' it, cuz we'll see that things er goin' from bad ta worse 'n' that don't fit the president's 'sweet-talk.' Numero Last: Don't ya former intelligence officers call that shit, 'an increased threat'?” he asked.

“Well . . . of course . . . if there is an increase of people dangerous to the security and wellbeing of our citizens who are trying to enter our country . . . then . . . yes, that could be considered an . . . increased threat,” I said with reluctance. “However, I can see no reason why such information would be withheld from the American people.” 


In measured words, I said, “I think you have jumped to a conclusion!”

“OK, officer-type, tell me this: Takin' them 395 Agents away from the Mexican border, does that make it easier er harder fer them Bad Guys described in that Department o' Justice report ta slip inta this country?” he asked. 

“A decrease in the number of personnel patrolling the border would appear to increase the probability of one crossing the border undetected,” I said.

“ 'ONE!' Man, they're herds of 'em invadin' this country through that border! On top o' . . .” 

“Wait a minute!” I interjected. “The word 'one' was just a figure of . . .”

“Ya learn with yer ears,” he bellowed back, “ 'n' not with yer mouth. SHADDUP 'N' GET SMART! We're bein' invaded 'n' wadda we do? We send troops ta Afghanistan ta protect Afghans. We should be sendin' our troops ta our borders ta protect America 'n' AMERICANS!”  

“On the surface, that appears to be a practical solution. However, the deployment of the U.S. Armed Forces in the United States for such a purpose is constrained by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878,” I cautioned. (4)

“Man, posse . . . pussy . . . BULL SHIT! The Navy 'n' Air Force been workin' against drugs comin' in fer years . . . 'n' how about them soldiers the Administration Spear-Chuckers chucked inta Arkansas 'n' Alabama ta make 'em integrate their schools way back when? Officer-type, ya gotta get yer shit together! The last time I checked, the Corps was part o' the Department of Defense of the United States of America. Fer, slow learners like you, that means it's supposed ta DEFEND AMERICA 'N' AMERICANS!” he blurted out with passion. (5)

I tried to explain that, “We have defense obligations . . .”

“F*** 'EM!” he protested, “PROTECT AMERICA FIRST!”

Semper Protect America First,

Anthony F. Milavic

Major USMC (Ret.)


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LCDR Shea USN (RET) said:   October 9th, 2009 10:50 am

t has become manifestly apparent that Our Federal Government has no interest in defending Our Borders! Sure Democrat voters, cheap labor or just people that hate Our Republic and wish US into the dustbin of history!!????

KarlinPhoenix said: October 8th, 2009 11:11 am

 How much sense does it make to MOVE hundreds of Spanish-language speaking CBP Agents from the active/dangerous southern border and put them in a place where French is the language of the "other side"? So, The Obama moves experienced and effective people to a place where that same experience will be LESS EFFECTIVE. I would bet that The Obama is "REWARDING" the highly effective CBP Agents with a "Move North or Quit" opportunity. As a direct result in the PLANNED AND CONTINUOUS FAILURE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, Phoenix, Arizona has become the Kidnap-for-Ransom Capital of America. The number of annual kidnappings-for-ransom is only second on this planet to MEXICO CITY (which has the largest number of kidnaps-for-ransom). These kidnappings are primarily targeting the illegal alien smuggling and illegal drug smuggling industries and are run by the MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. There are over 400 kidnap-for-ransom crimes REPORTED to the Phoenix Police Department EACH YEAR and my contacts there report to me that this crime is more than 20 TIMES UNDER-REPORTED. Many of the kidnappings are performed by HOME INVASION CREWS who are dressed in "POLICE"-logoed clothing/equipment and with body armor and long-guns; these criminals use a security perimeter that is similar to what the police use, too. In Arizona, we see at least 10,000 illegal aliens ENTER this state EVERY WEEK. Think about this: A Marine Division-sized criminal group crossing into America, EVERY WEEK; our government says we are not being invaded. Hmmmmmm, me thinks there is much crack-smoking going on in the Whitehouse. In that mass of invaders from the south are at least 100 MIDDLE EASTERN ISLAMIC JIHADIS, entering Arizona, EVERY WEEK. The human smuggling routes are the same routes as used by the drug smuggling MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. Why won't our government EFFECTIVELY protect US from the INVASION from MEXICO?

SGTMAJ DuBOIS, USMC (RET) said October 7th, 2009, 1:00 pm

In respsonse to Ed Blanz, I have been told many times that many of the illegal aliens in Mexafornia do vote in elections. They are so lax at making voters prove they are citizens. These are the people that should also be charged with crimminal activity.

TRIPFLARE said, October 7th, 2009, 11:35 am

 am on the CBP loop and know that 99% of terrorists have come through northern border and that arrests for all border crimes are over the top over 100%...the technology is top notch and we need to build so many new facilities to house the people being arrested/detained drugs come from the south....drugs(bartering) & terrorists are coming from the north...CBP is doing an outstanding job.

Integrated LE is doing an awesome job.

Mustang Captain Dutch White said: October 7th, 2009 11:32 am

The Obama administration and the Congress of the United States of America could stop the invasion of our country along the southern border in a heartbeat IF they ever choose to do so, but ... in my humble opinion, the administration and both of the major political parties comprising our present day congress have their own reasons for NOT shutting the invasion down: The Dems/Libs for the votes the illegals will provide them in 2012 and 2016; and the Reps/Conservatives for the manpower they will provide to labor/industry. It is time to clean house back in DC and start fresh.

RES, LCDR USN (RET) said:  October 7th, 2009 10:00 am 

I live in Vermont and our northern border with Canada has been virtually open for years. Last week I read an article where increased security measures were being taken at Derby Line, point of entry where US I- 91 crosses in to Stanstead, Quebec. For years  Derby Line and Stanstead have considered themselves sister communities and several of the village streets crossed the border with no check points or obstructions. According to the article, HLS due to concerns for smuggling illegals (Terrorists) and contraband (Drugs) into the US through these back streets has resulted in the installation of a border fence with automatically remotely operated gates to allow the trans-border travel of emergency vehicles, but not not normal traffic between the two villages. 

While the southern border is a major problem, and the four responses below each touch on aspects of the problem, there is an issue that here-to- fore has not been addressed w.r.t. Northern border security. During the winter most of the VT-Quebec border, as well as much of The rest of the Northern Border, is crossable by Snow Mobile and therefor open to the entry of undocumented people and material.  

With the exception of a Nuclear Power station in southern VT , Vt has little infrastructure or key installations that one could characterize as a terrorist target. However, having been involved in the CERT program and Vermont State Guard since 9/11 I have attended various briefings that have addressed border security . There have been at least six terrorist groups identified as operating in Quebec and the issue that our law enforcement personnel are worried about is not a terrorist event in VT , but that VT is a travel way for possible Terrorist entry and transit to other cites in New England and New York State . Rte I-91 is a direct route from Canada down the Conn. River Valley to New Haven,Ct. connecting to Rte 95. Take I-89 East at White River Junction VT. and you have access to the greater NH, Northern New England, Maine and the Boston region. Rte 22 is a direct route from Quebec through Burlington,VT. down the Champlain - Hudson River Corridor to Eastern New York, the Northway /Thruway via I-87 to NYC and at Albany I-87 connects with I-90 West to Buffalo and beyond. The fear of the VT , NY, Mass. and NH Public Safety personnel is that in a routine traffic stop along one of these North- South or East - West arteries they could come across Terrorists traveling to a conduct terrorist attack and a major terrorist incident would result. As you can see there is some real cause for concern along our Northern Border areas. This is just a snapshot of the situation in VT. The same kind of open border conditions have existed along the US - Canadian border across the width of the continent for years and to date with the exception of a couple of incidents in Washington State and the west coast there have been no real situations identified which wold result in the shift of emphasis on the northern border.  

As the comments below indicate , the emphasis on shifting personnel and material to the Northern Border has not been in justified by the discussion of potential threat , which makes one wonder what may be the underlying issue causing the shift. Is it security oriented based on conditions that haven't been made public, based on the situation I described above, or is it political as suggested by the ACORN comments ???  

The bottom line is that there is concern for the Northern Border as well as the Southern , but the smart answer would be to beef up both borders and not pull assets off the Mexico border to cover potential problems on the Canadian Border. There is a much better mutual operational relationship between Canadian Border Officers and US  Border Patrol than the relationship on the Mexican Border and therefore, some additional personnel accompanied by mutual Canadian /US operations should allow us to effectively safe guard the Northern Border as well as the Southern 

USMCRETIRED said:   October 6th, 2009 9:45 pm Earlier this year, the Administration announced an increase of Border Guards along the Mexican border to stop money and weapons going into Mexico. The butter cutter's surprise is only surpassed by my own at the now transfer of agents to the northern border with no explaination. Something stinks in Obamaland. 

GI said:   October 6th, 2009 12:14 pm 

Butter Cutter really stirred the stew pot on this one with a well used toilet bowl brush. Now wonder if Pelosi-Reid et al are shoring up their ranks for 2010 and 2012 elections. ACORN must be still hiring and recruiting. No need to protect our borders for we are giving the USA away. Hear weapon and ammo sales are way up; must be part of the stimulus program. 

Col RJ Ingold USMC (RET) said:   October 6th, 2009 11:42 am 

To date ....Juarez has 1700 plus KIAs this year from Drug Cartel battles. Obama and his bunglers are decreasing our border security and increasing their harrassment of gun shows and legal US citizen gun transactions, via BATF and other Homeland Security Office entities directed by Janet Napalitano. Bottomline...train to provide your own security...Obama is too busy with his Marxist Agenda. 

Ed Blanz said:   October 6th, 2009 10:24 am 

BC, you forgot the prime reason - those coming in from South vote Democrat! (yes, I know them voting is illegal, but so is ILLEGALLY entering the country!)