28 JUNE 2012


As I approached the virtual Chow Line, the Butter-Cutter was whistling as he busied himself loosening pats of butter from each other in the bowl of ice before him. He looked up and said, “Hello Sir-Type! Welcome ta our Mess Hall.”

“That was the first time you ever called me, ‘Sir-Type’. To what do I owe this new-found courtesy?” I asked.

“Weellll, Sir-Type. The commandant said there’s gonna be ‘zero tolerance’ fer that sex assault shit. So, I’m coverin’ all my bases before some o' them zeroes hit me in the back,” he answered.

“But the Commandant said there would be zero tolerance for sexual assault. He did not say zero tolerance for anything else.”

“Oh, yeah! With this guy, I ain’t takin’ no chances he ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout other shit ta zero-in on,” The Butter-Cutter asserted.

I sensed this line of conversation would only become heated, so I tried a course correction, “The Commandant is deeply concerned about the sexual assault situation in the Corps and for that reason he is implementing new guidance for the handling of these reports. In fact, ‘there were 333 reports of sexual assault in the Marine Corps in fiscal year 2011,’” I explained.

“How many o’ them 333 were convictions by Court Martial?”

“I do not know,” I reluctantly answered.

“How many o’ them 333 were bald-faced freakin’ lies?”

I was beginning to feel as though I came to a gunfight without a gun, “I do not know. The ‘Stars and Stripes’ article I read did not elaborate on that number. I can only conclude that it means what it says, ‘333 reports of sexual assault.’ However, this is a news report and not an official Marine Corps document. So . . .”

“Gottcha Sir-Type,” he shouted in cutting me off, “the genuine official Marine Corps Commandant approved Plan says, ‘In FY11, there were 333 reports of sexual assault in the Marine Corps’ ‘n’ not another freakin’ word o’ that elaboration shit ya mentioned. So, tell me, how many o’ them reports are guys found guilty o’ doin’ sexual assault?” 

The &#@%* Butter-Cutter is raking me over the coals, “You just said that you saw the primary source document and it does not elaborate on those figures. Why are you brow-beating me on these figures?” 

“Why? Cuz that number is bein’ used as the reason ta zero-in on every swingin’ dick Marine fer CMC hammerin’ ‘n’ give Bitches one o’ them cart bleaches ta bitch!” 

“Cart bleaches?” . . . After shaking my head, I realized he was saying “carte blanche.” A few more head shakes over “Bitches” and I continued, “You have lost control of your mental faculties. 333 reports of sexual assault in one year is more than ample justification for a remedial Plan!”

“Maaan, you remind me o’ my watch: a 21-jewel self-windin’ freakin’ LAPDOG! How many o’ them numbers is just Bitches bitchin’ ta get back at some dude?”

Stand by Mr. Butter-Cutter, I found my gun, “I, too, have seen the Commandant’s ‘Campaign Plan’ on this issue and it states that,‘Current research indicates that the percentage of false allegations generally range from 2 to 8 percent.’ That percentage spread hardly waters down the enormity of the problem shown by FY 2011’s figure of 333 sexual assault reports,” I gleefully shot back.  

“Well, what if it was 25 percent? Would that ‘water down' yer enormity shit?” he retorted.

“Well . . . of course. But, that isn’t the case,” I answered.

“Oh, no? A couple o’ months ago, I read in the paper the U. S. Army reported that, ‘More than a quarter of 4,000 complaints about violent sex crimes in the past six years were proved to be unfounded.’ So, whaddaya make o’ that shit, Sir-Type?” 

“What do I make of it? Those are Army numbers. We are talking about Marine numbers!” I reminded him.

“So, ya wanna make me believe that Army Bitches lie more than Marine Bitches?”

“The Army is much larger and has more female . . .”

“These’re PERCENTAGES, Sir-Type. The big number don’t matter. Er did the officer factory teach ya different math than us Snuffies learned. ‘n’ the differences in uniforms don’t mean squat when it comes down ta screwin'—Marine Bitches lie fer the same reasons Army Bitches lie, ‘Soldiers are making false allegations as a way to cover up consensual sex or exact retribution for some perceived betrayal.’’”

I had to admit to myself that there is a big difference between the reported false reports percentages. I tried to dodge the question by asking, “What are you getting at?”

“Man, this is the same bullshit we had with that DADT survey. The DoD published early false results ta bullshit Congress inta getting rid o' DADT ‘n’ now we’re getting’ cooked numbers again on sex reports. The Army SIX-YEAR study shows that 25 percent o’ Bitches lied ‘n’ our ONE-YEAR Corps study says 2-8 percent o’ Bitches lied. Yeah, sure, 'n' the ‘Campaign Plan’ fer the whole Corps is based on numbers fer just ONE YEAR—what happened in the 2, 3, 4, 5 years before that? No, man, this whole freakin’ thing smells worse than a 4-holer that ain't been burned in a week. Welcome ta another con by, The Amos ‘N’ Andy Jive Team!”

Semper . . .

Anthony F. Milavic
Major USMC (Ret.)


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I be thinking that Chinamen, RagHeads or some other unpleasant entity be "Kicking Our Asses" if we be "stickin-wid" all this PC BS!!!
D Shea


I think the old "BC" basic criticism of the data is correct in that without any description of how the numbers were arrived at, e.g. "all the allegations were investigated and X number were found to be false" there is no way to determine the number of verified abuse cases.  The Army data seems to have been generated from the investigative process which suggests the Army investigated all the allegations which would seem to be progress.  I don't recall any reference to the number of unreported assaults but my sense is in both civilian police depts and the military there are a significant number of unreported assaults. 
I think it is also fair to say that in all the services, many women lack confidence that a report of a serious sexual attack will be dealt with forthrightly and fairly.  Even in our highly selective military academies, they have had a variety of significant problems with sexual assaults.  Rape and abuse of women is increasingly rampant in our society, some would argue in large part because of the way sex is handled in the media and Internet.  In NY we just had a case of several 13-14 year old boys attacking girls at school.   
The unavoidable fact is women are now closely integrated into virtually all elements of the armed forces short of the infantry line units and they are here to stay.  If we provide our commanders with the necessary expert support, a transparent process and demand accountability, that will give a woman (and a wrongly accused male) confidence that a complaint will be promptly and fairly adjudicated, and we will see attacks and false accusations both come down.  Our wives, daughters and sons are entitled to nothing less.  



Yo ain't seen nothing yet...just wait until homosexual rape and assault comes into vogue.  Let them have strength in numbers
now that they are legitimate and give them some encouragement about their rights and wait for the fun to begin. 
If you recall, the order to lift DADT also officially legitimized sodomy as no longer a criminal act and that included for animals as well as between
conscenting people.  Imagine that.  How about that Military Values card?  Anyone need another copy?.
Wait...the military may have to re-think the wording on that credit card sized piece of paper hypocrisy. 
I do not understand how the members of the JCS will be able to address the troops with a "straight" face.
I guess now that being gay is legitimized...it will be illegal for commanders to address their troops with a
"straight" face because it might upset the gays in the ranks and that would grossly offend the PC crowd and lastly,
since rape is considered an act of violence and domination the new gay way just might take the heat off of
sexual assault on the females...it seems to work in our prison system anyway.

D SHEA: No need for any other Nation state to "kick our Asses" the U.S. is doing that just fine

ANSWER: Buy more multi-trillion dollar weapon systems to "attacK" non-existant enemies (e.g., gender inequality, trade imbalance, weak GDP)

And, I thought shooting mud huts with multi-million dollar weapon systems was illogical



There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. 
“Statistics, is taking random samples and making
sweeping generalizations.”
Mort Saul
Semper fiat lux,

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