4 November 2008

The Butter-Cutter On The Anniversary Of The US Embassy Seizure By Iran

I asked The Butter-Cutter, “Do you know the significance of today?”

“No shit! It's Election Day! What a dumb freakin' question,” he shot back.

“Yes it is; but, more than that, it is the anniversary of the 4 November 1979 seizure of our embassy and 66 Americans in Tehran by the Iranians; 52 of those Americans were held captive by Iran for 444 days.”

“Man, that was before I was born. Anyhow, I read in the paper that them maggots celebrated the takeover yesterday. Yer a day late 'n' a dollar short!” he responded with a smug. (1)

“The Iranians celebrated yesterday because of the difference in their calendar and ours: the Iranian date is the 13th day of Aban, which this year fell on 3 November. Our calendar date is 4 November-today,” I explained.

“Anyhow, how many of them did we blow away fer doin' it?” 

“Aah, none,” I answered.

“NONE! They took our embassy 'n' held Americans prisoner fer over a YEAR 'n' we didn't do diddly-squat?”

“No, that's not entirely correct. President Carter put diplomatic pressure on Iran to return our personnel and we did attempt an airborne raid to free the hostages. Unfortunately, both failed to result in the release of our personnel and, tragically, eight rescuers died in the raid attempt.” (2)

“So, they took our embassy, captured our guys, told us ta go screw, 'n' got away with it! No wonder they were celebratin' yesterday by shoutin' 'Death to America' outside our old embassy,” The Butter-Cutter summarized. “We acted like a bunch o' freakin' wimps!”

“We also cut diplomatic ties with them the next year and . . .”

He cut me off to say, “They took our embassy on 4 November 1979 'n' we waited until the next year ta 'cut diplomatic ties?' Are ya shittin' me?” he wailed in disbelief.

“The President was very concerned over the safety of the Americans they were holding as hostages,” I said.

“OK! OK!” The Butter-Cutter exclaimed. “So, now what're we doin' ta get our embassy back 'n' punish them bastards fer what they did ta our guys? Oh, ‘n’ waddabout them nukes they’re puttin’ together? Wadda we doin’ ta stop that?” he asked in rapid fire. 

“Well both presidential candidates have said that they will tighten sanctions against Iran and Senator Obama added that he is willing to engage in direct talks with Iran.” I answered.

“More TALK?” The Butter-Cutter said while shaking his head.

“There is more than that. Reportedly, 'Washington is considering opening a U.S. interests section in Tehran, which would mean sending diplomats. It says this would show the United States was against Iran's government not people.' ” (1)

'Oh! La di freakin' da! These mother f***ers are screamin' 'Death to America' 'n' the best we can do is open an . . . interesting . . . whatever that thing is ya said fer a bunch o' 'Foggy Bottom' ass-kissin'-types. But, help me here: How is this thing gonna say we're against the government 'n' not the people?” he asked.

“I'm just not that familiar with the nuances of diplomatic actions to explain it. The best I can say is that that is how this action it is being advertised.”  

“HOLY HOPPIN' SNOT! Ya ain't familiar . . . ? Well, I'll give ya a month's pay against a moldy, worm filled donut that them Iran people don't know them . . . new-ounces either! I'm talkin' about them screamers that were at our old embassy yesterday. How come our powers ta be don't remember that shit. These mothers are celebratin' takin' Americans hostage 'n' wadda we wanna do ta them: Send 'em more Americans ta take hostage! Yer right! This IS a significant day ta remember!” The Butter-Cutter said in disgust. 

Semper Remembering,

Anthony F. Milavic

Major USMC (Ret.)

(1) http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/world/international-us-iran-usa.html

(2) http://www.history.navy.mil/library/online/hollowayrpt.htm

Waddaya think?
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Wayne G. Sayles said:   November 4th, 2008 9:07 am

Since the days of Jimmy Carter and the embassy fiasco, "Foggy Bottom" has gotten foggier and is really the thin veil over a black hole. I think it's time for a strong enema at DOS and a return to American credibility on the world stage. 

SuzyTwoTablets said:   November 4th, 2008 10:44 am

And what do we have to say about the American service person's right to vote being held hostage by ineptness or possible military voter suppression on this anniversary day? Foggy bottom my J-Lo, foggy minds are driving the mother ship and no one seems to care. 

Jack Du Bois said:   November 4th, 2008 4:41 pm

I am disgusted that we are not starting at the top and taking them out one by one. That may show the Irian peolpe we do not want to kill all of them. I am sure we can defeat them in a few days with naval and air power. Let's show the world that America is stil strong and not afraid of them. Semper Ffi Jack Du Bois

AFM said:   November 4th, 2008 6:01 pm

Not mentioned by The Butter-Cutter was the successful rescue of two EDS employees initiated by their employer H. Ross Perot: Just prior to the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the government of Iran imprisoned two EDS employees in a contract dispute. Perot organized and sponsored a successful rescue. The rescue team was led by retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel Arthur D. ('Bull') Simons. When the team couldn't find a way to extract their two prisoners, they decided to wait for a mob of pro-Ayatollah revolutionaries to storm the jail and free all 10,000 inmates, many of whom were political prisoners. The two prisoners then connected with the rescue team, and the team spirited them out of Iran via a risky border crossing into Turkey. The exploit was recounted in a book, On Wings of Eagles by Ken Follett, which became a best-seller. In the 1986 miniseries, Perot was portrayed by Richard Crenna.