2 December 2008

The Butter-Cutter On GySgt. Nieto & Free Speech

As I approached The Butter-Cutter in the virtual Mess Hall, he shouted out, “Hey! Have ya heard that the Corps' hammerin' some retired gunnery sergeant at Camp Lejeune because he don't like terrorists 'n' says so on his car? What a freakin' crock!” (1)

“There is much more to this than the Gunny's dislike of terrorists. On his car, he displayed decals with phrases, such as, 'Remember the Cole, 12 Oct. 2000,' 'Islam=Terrorism,' and 'We Died, They Rejoiced.' However, those decals were in violation of a Base order banning the display of 'offensive material.' Since he has refused to remove all these decals, the Base magistrate has banned his vehicle from all federal installations,” I explained. (2)

“Wait a minute! I think decals like, 'Protect A Woman's Right To Choose,' 'Homosexuals Are Real People Too,' 'n' 'God Is Dead' are offensive. Did the Base magistrate order all them decals off the cars too? I'll bet ya, Gunny Nieto is the only one on the whole freakin' Base that's been ordered ta remove 'offensive' decals!” 

“One of the reasons Gunny Nieto was ordered to remove the decals is because Lejeune's Office of EE & O received several 'third party' complaints about his stickers in July of this year. So . . .”

“HOLD ON THERE! What I read is that he did this in memory of his son who was killed in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole.This guy has had them stickers on his car fer OVER SEVEN YEARS! Now some ass-hole bitches 'n' they dump on him! THIS IS A CROCK O' SHIT!” The Buttter-Cutter shouted out!

“The purpose of this Base order is to protect the good order and discipline on the Base. These stickers . . .'


I had to break the direction of this conversation; so, I said, “In May, you might recall, we discussed a State Department directive banning the use of 'Jihadist' and other offensive words. This Camp Lejeune order could be a result of that directive,” I suggested to The Butter-Cutter. (3) 

“OK! Then what's next? Banning the Marine Corps Hymn? Remember we sing 'ta the shores o' Tripoli' celebratin' Marines whippin' them Islamists in the Barbary Coast War and the Battle of Derne,” The Butter-Cutter reminded me.

“I don't think there is any chance the Corps is going to change the Hymn,” I answered. “Also, the Marine Corps Times published an editorial describing the limits of Freedom of Speech on the Base. The paper agreed that Gunny Nieto's decals fell within the bounds of the Base order for being offensive and should be banned from the Base,” I told The Butter-Cutter. (4)

“What? The Marines Corps Times is sayin' a RETIRED Marine gunnery sergeant workin' as a Civil Servant--A CIVILIAN--on Camp Lejeune gave up his Constitutional right of Feedom of Speech because he's workin' on a Marine Base? Bull Shit! If that's true, then that rag of a paper gives up its right of Freedom of the Press when it's on the same Base! The CIVIL SERVANT Nieto and the CIVILIAN Marine Corps Times BOTH get their rights from the SAME 1st Amendment ta the Constitution; what's good fer one's gotta be good fer the other!”

“There you go again, over simplifying things. The Base order is about the public display of offensive language. Whatever offensive words or phrases the paper might publish do not fit that proscription,” I corrected.

“Over simplifyin'? BULL SHIT! It's all about Freedom of Speech! The Constitution don't say nothin' about PUBLIC DISPLAY! This Base commander 'n' his Bat Boy magistrate have decided that they're the Big Kahunas of Political Correctness. Words they don't like, nobody should like. What they forgot--IF EITHER ONE EVER KNEW IT--we won wars motivated by stuff like that: 'REMEMBER THE ALAMO' 'n' 'REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR.' Today, we don't say shit 'n' what happens? These Mother F***ers highjack ships 'n' kill our citizens in Mumbai, India. Yer right, officer-type, I do keep things simple. I believe that if a group o' people wanna kill our group o' people, we HAMMER 'EM until they BEG fer us ta stop; 'n' along the way, we remind America and the whole freakin' world by shoutin', day in 'n' day out: REMEMBER BEIRUT! REMEMBER KHOBAR TOWERS! REMEMBER USS COLE! REMEMBER THE WORLD TRADE CENTER! . . . REMEMBER!"                  

Semper Remembering,

Anthony F. Milavic

Major USMC (Ret.)

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Waddaya think?

R. Osborne said:   December 3rd, 2008 7:07 am

Although I am in sympathy with the Gunny for his loss. I believe some of His decals from what I have read were a little overboard. And were offensive to the extent that I wouldn't want my kids reading them. But carrying this alittle farther I understand that the base Provost Marshall had a Hearing and ordered Gunny Neito to remove various stickers (the offensive ones) from his car and he complied with that order. Then a few days later the Provost Marshall decided that they had not gone far enough and called the Gunny back in and ordered him to remove the ones such as "Remember the Cole" and the Gold Star for his son that is carrying things to far. We have to remember that we do have a lot of Marines of the Muslim faith that are doing their share of the fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan right along side the Marines of the Protestant, Catholic, and Atheist faiths. They don't need to be insulted when they are here at home either. 

Dick Gaines said:   December 3rd, 2008 7:28 am

http://i37.tinypic.com/xbcrw7.jpg Is it free speech, or PC, or both? We come from a long line of non-pc Marines, e.g., Smedley Butler, Evans Carlson, Chesty Puller, David Soup, and even more lesser knowns. Has that long line now ended? We'll see. Semper Fidelis Dick G ~~~~~

David Ray said:   December 3rd, 2008 7:57 am

Amen! That might not be political correct anymore either but I still use a Christian saying! This Gunny says ButterCutter is on target! 

Jim Davlin said:   December 3rd, 2008 8:23 am

I remember all the terror attacks. The premise is freedom of speech. The UCMJ has no such freedom. As Marines we are governed By the Uniform Code of Military Justice! If the people up the food chain say we can't have bumper stickers then so be it. It is not our right to object! Is it wrong? Sure, However I remember a base Commander that banned Harley Davidson Motorcycle's from Camp Pendleton! You should have heard that scuttle but back then. Only Fucking Jap Bikes! There are many things that we can find to bitch about, but if the Skipper has a different idea, well he is the Skipper. So if you donâ??t like the way my Marine Corps is run get the fuck out and be a civilian crybaby. This is the United States Marine Corps and we follow the Orders! 

Maddy said:   December 3rd, 2008 9:16 am

I believe we have fought for & EARNED the "RIGHT of FREEDOM OF SPEECH" Then again There is such a Thing As HONOR & RESPECT . These are two VERY STRONG VALUES The Marines are Know For & well DESERVED ...

David Roberts said:   December 3rd, 2008 9:49 am

Major, I happen to agree with The Butter-Cutter. F***in' terrorist wants to kill or destroy us anyway they can, so why not from within. Just look at the two names running the base, making all the high decisions on how things are to be done, Col. Richard Flatau, and the base magistrate, Lt. Col. James Hessen. We, as the Marine Corps, and all other branches of the Military have been infiltrated by the f***in' enemy over the years as I believe that is part of their overall plan. Don't believe that bullshit? Look at the names of top men in high positions in the United States to include Wall Street and now soon to take over, the new CIC. All names coming out of the war on terror. If we complain like the good Ole Irish Catholic Boy Gunny Nieto, we are soon put at rest by our enemy (I'm pointing the finger here at all those with names like Flatau, Hessen, in high positions) and the POLITCAL CORRECT here in the US jump on the band wagon not realizing they are being used by the enemy and their asses will fry like the rest when total power by the enemy has been obtained and the Jihad from within began. We do need to REMEMBER and for the sake of us all, wake up! Two slices of butter please and a big helping of that there porkâ?? Semper-FI RED DOG Sergeant of Marines 1963-1969 Vietnam 1965-66 Staff Sergeant of Solders 1979-82 

Robin Rebhan said:   December 3rd, 2008 11:43 am

Does the base commander & magistrate in question know we are a Country at war with a pretty good percentage of the "wild-eyed-pistol-wavers" depicted by the decals? I do not recall any Muslems condeming 9/11, the Cole or any other terrorist acts against the USA. All I remember is a lot of muslems on CNN and their own Al Jazeera celebrating & dancing in the streets. So does this mean our Military has to cease dropping 2,000 pounders on terrorist strong holds and no cross hairs on the bad guys?

Sniperbait '66 said:   December 3rd, 2008 3:05 pm

Freedom of Speech is just that. The freedom to speak our minds on the issues, and screw whomever says we can't. The Gunny had those stickers on his vehicle for SEVEN fu@king years. He has every right to continue to display "REMEMBER THE COLE" and the GOLD STAR FOR HIS SON. The base Commander is a bootlicking scumbag who sees being Politically Correct as more important than THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. The Provost Martial, and the MPs are just a bunch of the New Breed of NWO brainwashed, ass kissing Marines. They will get what they deserve, no matter what uniform they wear. A Traitor is a Traitor, no matter how they are clothed. Do you REALLY think the Provost Martial changed his mind all on his own? C'mon, wake the F@ck up! Even Supreme Court Judges are told what to think and write since the big B.O. is president elect (without having to prove his right to that august office). Removing "REMBER THE COLE" and the Gold Star for his son, OFFENDS THE HELL OUT OF ME. THOSE SCUM SHOULD BE HORSEWHIPPED. Right before they are drummed out of the Corps as Traitors. Especially the base Scumander, and the Provost Nazi. 

Steve Eklund said:   December 4th, 2008 6:50 am

Anthony, You should have been a constitutional lawyer, after your career in our Corps, that is!! The 'Butter-Cutter' is right on!! You should send it to the base Commander at Lejeune. Semper Remembering, too!! Steve Eklund

GI said:   December 4th, 2008 3:39 pm

Anthony, next you will see a PETA bird lover who has formed an devilish alliance with sensitive old bald guys complain to Lejeune's Office of EE & O. They will protest that the bald eagle on the Eagle, Globe, & Anchor USMC decal is belittling to bald eagles and old bald guys. Bet too the anti-military tree huggers will take issue with the points on the anchor of the USMC's Eagle, Globe, & Anchor decal because it has pointed ends and are to pointy, war like, and offensive to anti-military acolytes. S/f GI

Jack Razor said:   December 4th, 2008 6:06 pm

In his no-holds-barred style, the Butter Cutter reminds us all of what distinguishes us as Americans. Absent the guarantees of the Constitution, we could be slaves of a tyrant. GySgt. Nieto, as a RETIRED Marine, has every right to display his views on his vehicle. Ironically, by issuing him a license plate reflecting "COLE," the state of North Carolina shows greater respect for that right under our federal Constitution than the federal officers of Camp Lejeune who have banned him from similar displays on decals; I find it very difficult to understand such behavior from officers sworn to protect and defend that same Constitution. My hopes and prayers are with the Gunny to prevail in his law suit against the CO, MCB, CLNC and his Magistrate. Failure would mean that he--we--is subject to a tyrant. 

 TW said: December 4th, 2008 6:27 pm

 In my day, offensive stickers were not only encouraged, they were graded.

j rooth said: December 5th, 2008 8:53 am

I hope and pray that in the year 2050 there is still a United States Marine Corps. And I hope there are still history classes taught in boot camp. Then I hope that the "new breed" are taught that a retired Gunnery Sergeant Nieto stood by his righteous beliefs against a misled opinion that to hate an enemy is politically incorrect. I hope that it is taught that "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" was not just a bumper sticker but indicative of all Marines active or not. I do want to think the base Commander is not the real culprit but is following orders given by liberal public servants who have lost their way. Regardless of our beliefs we still follow orders. The degree to have to follow those orders lessens the further our discharge date is from the current date. 31 Jan 1977 is a few days back and I have ceased being governed by the UCMJ - which took all my individual rights away (with my permission). Now I follow the orders from Commanding Mom and my kid falls under the UCMJ and MCAS New River rules and regulations. (He also follows directives issued by Commanding Mom!) I do not want to bring back the standards we lived under in the past but do want the standards and quality of life to be better than what we lived with. I feel that occurrences like this are NOT conducive to accomplishing that goal. Lashing out at the MP that follows his orders from a PMO that follows his orders from a base Commander who follows his orders from the CG -etc. is not going to change anything. If you feel as strongly about this absurd order as I do, then write to the Commandant or someone who can overturn these orders. I would think the CG at MCB LeJeune would be able to run his base as he saw fit so that may be as good a starting point as any. Remember to pick your battles - don't be Don Quixote and flail on windmills. Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius Hiding no more...

WVM said:   December 5th, 2008 10:36 am

You can tell Steve Eklund that it's been (being) forwarded to the base Commander via the PM.  I've also spoken to the base Commander about the issue.  As a former Provost Marshal of MCB CamLej, I'm following this very closely and can see both (SEVERAL) sides to the overall situation. Keep up the good work.  Semper Fi,

Jack Du Bois said:   December 5th, 2008 11:43 am

I seem to see things in two directions. First I believe the Stupid base command and Provost Marshall have the right to declare what they wish as wrong and as Marines we should obey that order. I do not kow if these names have any special meaning in the muslim world and do not care. they are Americans and sholuld act like Americans. No PC in the Corps!!! I am hurt that some higher General has not stepped in and ordered him to change his law. I did not see anything wrong with what the Gunny displayed and feel we are leaning way to far keep from hurting some feelings of peolpe who did not seem to care about our feelings when this stuff happened. Kind of mixed up writing but that is how I think these days. Semper hurt by the Rules. Jack Du Bois SgtMajor, 1945-1972

ROBERT L. CAPECI said:   December 5th, 2008 7:35 pm

A word about politically correct (PC). What started out as a reaction to smears (whop, kike, nigger, etc) has ended up as a protection for any or all, real or imagined sensitivities. But don't think this is a new thing. Marines have always had a violent reaction to being called "soldiers;" god forbid you call them bellhops. Is that not PC? And donâ??t confuse a Norwegian for a Swede. Our own Chesty Puller was attacked by PC when during WWII he opinioned that Dobermans were less than proficient as war dogs. The dog lovers stateside huffed and puffed over that statement, and Chesty was forced by hqs to apologize.