Welcome to MILINET

Since 1995, something called “MILINET” has been a seven-day a week conduit for articles, responses to articles and even some humorous stories to its subscribers. This service, if you like, is a money losing, time consuming, angst producing but sometime joy of Maj. Anthony F. Milavic, USMC (Ret.). Fortunately, or unfortunately, he experiences it on only a part-time basis for there is a day-job selling real estate in the Metro-Washington, D. C. area to contend with. Its subscribers are members of the Marine Corps Intelligence Community and other active and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces/federal government, academe, the media and other non-governmental institutions. However, it is neither an official entity of ANY government, association, or organized group nor does anyone but Maj. Anthony F. Milavic, USMC (Ret.) participate in the management, function, or cost sharing of MILINET; and, the service is provided free of charge to its subscribers. Also, ALL material is posted to MILINET for intellectual or whimsical purposes only: NOTHING posted to MILINET is to be used for ANY commercial purpose.

The fundamental purpose of MILINET is to provide a forum in military/political affairs, especially those related to the U.S. Marine Corps. MILINET accepts a broad spectrum of subject matter including controversial and/or politically incorrect subjects and celebrates their discussion. To date, it has accepted responses to issues that have run the gamut from warm fuzzies to intellectually stimulating to white-outs. There is no hard set of taboos though three areas are NOT encouraged: obscenities, vitriolic criticisms, and ad hominem attacks. A fiery response will be accepted if it casts more light than heat on the issue; and, MILINET will err on the side of over-posting to encourage subscribers to make submissions. It is the firm conviction of MILINET that subscribers are sufficiently intelligent to assess the merits of one and all postings; i.e., readers will accept or reject arguments based on content and citation.

Don't hesitate, send me the informtion requested at CONTACT, buy yourself an asbestos apron, and join us in the MILINET kitchen.


Anthony F. Milavic

Major USMC(Ret)

CAUTION: The Butter-Cutter is the alter ego of MILNET and bears it no resemblance.